Essay on Same Sex Marriage Is A Violation Of Human Rights

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The Right to Marry
“In 2011, more than 60 percent [of the population] thought gay marriage would be legalized within s decade” (Issenberg, Sasha). Same-sex couples being denied the right to apply for marriage licenses and get legally married in the state of Kansas is a violation of basic human rights. Everyone, despite age, race, or sexual orientation is offered the same basic right, the right to get married and denying gay couples the right to apply for marriage licenses and legally get married is not only a violation of human rights, but it is also considered discrimination because everyone has the same rights other than the right to get married. Citizens have the right to vote, right to speak their opinion and right to bear arms, which adds to the “all are equal” debate when equality is not something that is being fulfilled.
There are several reasons why same-sex marriage is considered a violation of human rights. Kansas appealing judge rulings against the ban on same-sex marriage, amendments made to the Kansas Constitution, and society’s views on same-sex marriage are just a few of the problems arising on the topic. Human rights activists and Kansas’s judges are trying desperately to have the problem resolved in the immediate future in order to have equalized rights in the sunflower state.
U.S. District County Judge, Daniel Crabtree, ruled to stop Kansas from enforcing the ban on same-sex marriage. Judge Crabtree ruled on Friday, November 5, 2014, that the ban on…

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