Sam Houston's Tough Decisions

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At some point in everyone's live we are confronted with a tough decision but the decisions Sam Houston had to make are pretty hard to beat. Sam Houston was a honest and intelligent first president of Texas who makes some very hard decisions in his life that I can fully relate to. I have had many experiences of dealing with this kind of situation in my life.Some of the hard decisions that Sam Houston had to make where how to deal with the Native Americans, vote on the Kansas Nebraska Act, and choosing whether to join the Confederates.Whether choosing to vote for the Kansas Nebraska Act or going to your soccer game instead of baseball game is something we can all relate to. Starting with the Native Americans Sam Houston was presented with a choice that could not only affect the people of Texas but his own family. Lamar and Houston both presidents of Texas had different views …show more content…
When Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United states six southern states left the Union. A convention was held to decide whether Texas would follow. Sam Houston voted against leaving while everyone else voted for it. Houston refused to take the oath of loyalty to the Confederacy and was forced to resign from Governor. Even though Texas joined the South Houston stood up for what he believed in. Once again Houston Made a heroic decision and was willing to give up his job for what he believed in. In conclusion Sam Houston made extremely hard choices when almost nobody supported him.Sam Houston was very wise and knew what was best for Texas. The decisions Houston had to make that we talked about in this essay are great examples of good judgment and character. We all can relate to Sam Houston and admire him for standing up for what he believed in no matter what others said. Next time we run into these types of situations we can remember Sam Houston and make the Right

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