Strengths And Weaknesses Of Sam Houston

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A man who went down in history as one of the most respected men in the world, Sam Houston, came from nothing and made himself into a person people admired. Taking part in important battles, getting involved with politics alongside, Andrew Jackson, the United States’ 7th president, and governing states towards success. There was no better man than him to be chosen as the first president of the Republic of Texas. Sam Houston was a hardworking individual who didn’t bother to waste time on things he deemed unnecessary or boring. He neglected field work and education in a school at a young age but later became a very educated American man who always attempted to work conflicts out using peace instead of immediately resorting to violence. …show more content…
The great man had a weakness a very strong weakness to alcohol. Houston was a terrible alcoholic and it all started when he was a young boy befriending the Cherokees. The Cherokees would drink alcohol a majority of the time and due to Houston becoming part of the tribe he also took place in drinking. Whenever he would fall to a dark place in his life, Houston would try to drink all his problems away and he would end up becoming a huge mess. When his first wife, Eliza Allen, left him he fell into a great depression and tried to drink his problems away. The mighty man known as Sam Houston even went to go beg on his knees to her, but she didn’t care for him. This course of action eventually led up to him resigning his position of governor of Tennessee at the time because of the controversy caused with his alcoholism and the departure of his marriage. Furthermore, a congressman by the name of William Stanberry, once attempted to accuse Houston of fraud. Houston then ended up beating the poor congressman down with his cane and left him bleeding in the street. This caused Houston to go to trial and ultimately own a fine of $500, which was later revoked when Andrew Jackson became

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