Salvation Many People Think About Salvation Essay

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When you think or say salvation many people think about salvation differently. According to Burge and Lauber they say that the way you obtain salvation is, you need your sins forgiven, reconciled to God, freed from evil powers, transformed to be like God and you need victory over death (115). But there is good news about obtaining this according to 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 it talks about how Jesus died on the cross and that he was doing this for our sins so that we could all be able to go to heaven. This event then provided us a way for forgiveness like in Acts 2:38 it talks about how Peter told them to ask for forgiveness so that they could receive the gift from the holy spirit. Doing this then means that then you are able to repent so stated in Mark 1:14-15 that John said that you need to repent because God is coming and you need to be ready. So doing these things that I stated above are like steps that they talk about in the bible of ways that your able to do in order to obtain salvation. In the case study there is different thinking’s compared to the bible and their view of the bible. One way that the bible and the case study are different is that in the case study a quote that they made was that “it makes more sense to me that he died as a martyr” “to prove he truly believed” “to say that Jesus’ sole purpose of dying was an atonement is narrow and skewed.” But according to Burge and Lauber it says that although we are sinners we can have confidence to enter the holy…

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