Essay on Safety of the Majority

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Riley Bunce
Mr. Reimer
October 19, 2015

Everybody loves a great vacation. From ice cold Canada to beach bum Bermuda, the experience is unforgettable. People tend to under-appreciate the journey itself. Soaring across the empty sky while the infant immediately to your left is screaming in tears. SEAT BELTS ON, nausea sets in while the G6 bounces through turbulence. Playing with gravity and the relief of being on ground again after crossing a continent. Flying is an event that can easily be terrifying, so ensuring a safe flight for all is mandatory. The safety of the majority is more important than the privacy of an individual.

What a way to make a living! From performing strip searches to detaining potential felons, the
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I’m fascinated with traveling. Whenever we land at a new destination, I get to hang around and enjoy my own little vacation. Today, I’m Shanghai bound - 14 hours of nonstop air suspension. Just me, my copilot and the crew are here to dominate the airways. It’s time to do what I do best, fly. It’s time to launch this body of citizens into the atmosphere, with only the most secure flight. I prioritize the safety of people on board before anything else. It’s my dream and I live it out every day using the best techniques and strictest policies.

Where I come from, Allah is the only name I shall obey. I put God first, knowing that on judgement day, I stand apart from the rest. Today is the day I take my life for my beliefs. It wasn’t always like this, but the more I think about it the more sense it makes. How pleased will He be, when he sees the impact I have made in daily life. I will be heard, regardless of what it takes. My children will understand someday, and thank me for the lesson this incident will provide. To me, Flight #8039 has already crashed. I’ve successfully received a Sikh Kirpan by Security for personal ‘values,’ even though I identify as Islam. Fools have skimmed me through security to board this plane, making my blueprint a masterpiece. I put my values before anything else, this plane won’t make it to Shanghai today.



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