Safety Plan For A Construction Company Essay

1151 Words Apr 13th, 2016 null Page
The majority of accidents that take place on a construction site are often the result of unsafe acts and conditions which are preventable. The identification and elimination of hazards in the workplace is a direct way to reduce accidents and prevent fatalities from occurring. A construction company can achieve this with a well written and implemented a safety plan. It is important for a construction company to implement a widespread safety program because it gives the employees the skills needed to reduce accidents, illnesses, and deaths. Therefore, an extensive safety program should be the priority of a construction company because it prevents on-site accidents which affect not only the employee but also the non-injured employees and the company itself through costs and lower productivity.
A safety plan is important because first and foremost, it is a guideline for the employee to follow that will help prevent any injury and death. The construction industry has the unfortunate reputation for having the third highest death rate with one in five worker deaths in the private industry being a construction worker (Commonly Used Statistics) . This alarming statistic should warrant a need for a safety plan for all construction companies. In Texas, employers who developed a safety plan saw, over a four-year period, a 63% yearly reduction in injuries (Injury and Illness). This shows that through the usage of a safety plan, accidents can be prevented. Construction companies’ as a…

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