Safe And Adequate Nurse Staffing Essay

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Safe Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

The debate on safe and adequate nurse staffing has remained a growing and controversial issue in the healthcare world. Studies have shown that inadequate nurse staffing has a direct correlation to patient mortality in addition to overall patient satisfaction. Numerous research studies and evidence-based practices have shown that poor quality of care related to limited nursing availability often results in adverse patient outcomes including urinary tract infections, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, shock, pneumonia, and increased hospital stay (Schmalenburg & Kramer, 2009). Evidence shows that patients recuperate quicker and suffer fewer complications when nursing care is readily available. When patient to nurse ratios increase to unsafe levels, there are higher incidences of medical errors, forced overtime, job dissatisfaction, and increased nurse turnover rates. "Inappropriate nurse staffing is the number one concern of nurses today," said ANA President Barbara Blakeney, MS, APRN, BC, ANP. "More than a decade of research has shown that nurses make the quality difference in patient care and that when nursing care is insufficient, patient safety is compromised and the risk of death is increased." There is a strong relationship between adequate nurse-to-patient ratios and safe patient outcomes. Nurses have long acknowledged and continue to emphasize that staffing issues are an ongoing concern, one that influences the safety of both the patient…

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