SWOT Analysis Of Nestle

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Register to read the introduction… Nestle should observe their current situation, their current customers, and where there is opportunity for growth. Targeting the over 50 segment is possible, but through external data it may be possible to determine what existing product is least popular and through market research find how they could increase its popularity. Nestle should also conduct SWOT and PEST analysis, vital to determining the success of the product concerning internal and external factors. SWOT analysis of the product concerned, will allow Nestle to find the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the product may face. A new breakfast cereal like that proposed previously to target the over 50’s market segment could hold opportunity; to attract a wider target audience but these new ideas proposed may pose threats, if Nestle spread themselves too thin then quality of Nestlé’s products may decrease; and they may not have adequate staff numbers to accommodate for an increase in further production. PEST analysis would allow Nestle to determine the environmental factors associated with the creation or editing of an existing product. Political, economic, social and technological factors are matters of interest, if their target market is facing economic hardship through recession perhaps, and the likelihood for the product selling well is bleak, a decision to discontinue with product development will need to be taken. Competitor analysis will also comprise of external information derived in order to determine Nestlé’s competitor’s strengths, weaknesses and their ability to compromise Nestlé’s profits in attempting to introduce a new product, essentially effecting Nestlé’s market strategy’s concerning product developments. When altering existing products or developing new ones Nestle must get an accurate perception of what the target audience desires. Marketing research …show more content…
Most of all Nestle could benefit from consumer behavior of over 50’s that coincide with the product concerned. A change in attitudes and the way Nestle target their consumer, through advertising, market research and other means is necessary to widen their target audience, as at the moment it is sacrificing almost 30% of its potential market, however this is easily achievable.

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