SAT Test Pros And Cons

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It’s early on a Saturday morning, and thirty high school juniors and seniors sit in the testing site, mentally preparing themselves to perform calculations, analyze sentences, and write an essay, all in the next four hours. The students sit at their desk equipped with sharpened number two pencils, a calculator, a cup of coffee, and thoughts running through their head about how important this test will be in determining their future. The question that haunts many students entering the final years of their high school career is, “Will this score keep me from or help me get into the college I want?” Many say that the SAT and ACT scores are still a major deciding factor for getting accepted into college, but others say that this isn’t the case. …show more content…
The SAT and ACT are just a snapshot of one day in your life and the abilities you posses on that day. It is early on a Saturday morning, and it can be hard to stay alert, focused, and maintain understanding that early in the morning with that kind of pressure for one test. The way you can overcome this disadvantage is by taking the test as many times as you want. The more times you take the test the greater your chances of receiving a better score. The student can choose to send whatever scores they wish and most colleges will look at the highest score that was sent (Ordovensky 2). Although, you may take the test as many times as you wish and most schools will take the best one, there have been studies conducted that show “the test has not proven a good predictor of even first-year college performance.” (Fletcher 2). One test score is not the answer for how well you are going to do in college. There is more emphasis placed on how hard you work in high school. The students determination to succeed can achieve much more than one good test score can. There is nothing to prove that people with higher intelligence go further than students that do not posses the same level of intelligence, but have a very strong work

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