Rust Prevention Essay

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Year Eleven Chemistry

Rust prevention in coating.

The context of ships rusting at sea.
Steel has many properties that make it a useful and essential building material in boats. Its strength and durability make it a great choice for structures exposed to high amounts of stress, such as weather, heat, large amounts of applied force and constant usage and is also a viable option for the sea although it can still be bettered. Steel is better protected by; galvanisation, waterproof paint or a sacrificial anode to better the corrosion protection for boats in the water compared to just bare steel framework (Corrosion methods,;) these methods in theory protect the steel from the chlorides and
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Protection methods
There are many ship treatments designed to prevent rusting usually intended for steel based ships, methods varying from paint to basic principle coatings with the intent of creating alloys that resist or prevent rust (Alloys are a mixture of metals, for example stainless steel forms a passivation layer of chromium(III) oxide, and zinc can protect steel by catholically onto it because it’s more electrochemically active, zinc being -1.1 and mild steel being -0.5.) While these methods all have widespread industrial applications--and are tested and refined in large research facilities, the basic principles behind them can be demonstrated in a simple and single high school chemistry class. With some simple equipment and some nails to experiment on, students can quickly observe the effectiveness of various methods of rust prevention.
How it helps.
Testing the various methods against each other in equal environments to show the better protectant against salt and chlorides to help further the life of future boats to show evidently which one should be used because it’s not just the better protectant, but also cost effective, for example coating steel with zinc to galvanize it requires a lot more manpower and also suitable electronic equipment to sustain its electrical conductivity of about 1.4 million Siemens per meter to galvanize it, compared to the needed equipment used to simply paint a boat, although the

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