Russian Dance And The Dance Realm Essay

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Russia is a country that, in the dance realm, is highly recognized for their contributions to the ballet community. Between the amazing composers and choreographers that have emerged from the country to the legendary productions that are still performed today, Russia is nothing short of a dancing country. Although ballet is very prominent, folk dances were the start of the Russian dance culture and, shockingly enough, can be found throughout many of the traditional ballets. In early Russia, dance was not shared amongst all classes. In fact, dance was known to only be present among commoners and those who identified in being the lowest class (Chitranshi, 2009). The aristocracy simply did not dance, but instead found great entertainment in watching the performances of dancing clowns, who happened to be the commoners. Different regions of the country even had their own dances specific to their ethnic people that helped distinguish themselves from one another. Eventually, the dances began to influence other dances, which in turn, created more folk traditions. The large variety of dances that were beginning to evolve created many new dances, all which shared commonalities with each other. Many of the folk dances are not known outside of Russia, due to the vast variety. Russian folk dances always were and still are an important part of their culture. The main origins of these folk dances can be traced back to the movement of the Slavic tribes into Russia…

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