Royalblu Invites Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Investors with capital to invest in events and building projects would allow RoyalBlu Invites to except larger contracts from clients. “Porter explains the five forces that shape competition in an industry. His well-defined analytic framework helps strategic managers to link remote factors to their effects on a firm’s operating environment”(Pearce, 13ed 112). Competitors with larger capital can afford the up front cost when accepting any building project. RoyalBlu Invites at this point has a hard time with competing firms in other states because of limited access to capital. “While major economic events like the worldwide recession of 2008 are extremely disruptive to business activity, they do little to change the relative position of most businesses to one another over the long term”(Pearce, 13ed 116). RoyalBlu strategic managers took the time to understand the power curves that would happen when marketing in other states. RoyalBlu examines the industry and defines, our firms goals and what ingredients a success in this industry. Furthermore, asking the question if we have the skills needed to compete in this industry and what skills allow us to grab emerging opportunities and deal with upcoming threats. Last, RoyalBlu also examines if the organization is flexible enough to make adjustment for growth. Appling these steps to the structure of the company will help provide the same line of service as other …show more content…
By providing an environment of opportunities for the organization, and also benefit the employee. RoyalBlu accesses their image by researching others organizations financial position, effective sales, R&D advantages position, and customer profile. Pearce suggest that once an appropriate criterion has been selected, they are weighted to reflect their importance to a firm’s success. This same strategy is done to analysis a consumers behavior, RoyalBlu dose this to keep up with the ongoing trends within the project managers market. Knowing the geographic, demographics, psychographic, and buyer behavior allows RoyalBlu Invites to develop services that will be a key driver to the success of the company. This is considered to be the product life cycle; “product life cycle is a concept that describes a product’s sales, predictability, and competencies that are key drivers of the success of that product as it moves through a sequence of stages from development, introduction to growth, maturity, decline, and eventual removal from a market ”(Pearce 13ed 183). RoyalBlu Invites is confident that this strategic approach will provide the company service awareness, knowledge of premium pricing, and solid relationships with early adopters. Furthermore, the financial resources to attract any cash flow issues. Focusing on these stages will build a life cycle and will also enhance the organizations

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