Rote Education: Analysis Of The Direct Instruction Approach

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1. Provide a summary for the video (minimum 100 words).
The Direct Instruction Approach that was shown in this video emphasizes rote learning, repetition, and the entire class participating. As a teacher would tap on a board or table, the entire classroom of students would read out loud what the teacher was pointing at. Because of this repetition, children learn from their peers, especially when it comes to sounding out words and sentences. The teachers interviewed were specifically trained for this approach, and explained to the viewers that often the students were divided based on abilities. These teachers seemed to find the approach beneficial to the students, especially those students that are second language learners.

2. What did
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Subjects such as painting and sculpting are said to be influential at a young age, according to neuroscientists. This is shown by the success of preschoolers that are taught by the Reggio approach. Within this approach, very young children are expected to be able to complete complicated tasks that are not always thought to be capable of children their age. Supporters of this education approach say that children are able to learn how to solve problems instead of just having the answers given to them. The Reggio approach emphasizes the potential in young children, instead of repressing them like many day care and preschool centers can often …show more content…
Right off the bat, “beauty” is a theme of the entire Waldorf approach. Whether it is music, art, sports, or academics, the students thrive because of the love between the teacher and students and the confidence that develops. There is enough structure for the students to be able to learn the traditional subjects, but enough creativity for them to be able to express themselves. Within this approach, the desire to learn is cultivated, which is a quality that carries the child throughout high school, college and beyond into

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