Miss Nelson Worksheet

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The teacher will instruct the students that they are going to become detectives. Detectives are people who solve mysteries. We will be solving the case of the missing teacher. The teacher will then show the students the book Miss Nelson has gone missing by Harry Allard and James Marshall. Ask the students what they think might happen in the book. Show the students the title and author’s name on the book.

“Class, Class, we are going to start reading our book and learn about our case. As we read I want you to think about how the students and teachers feel.”
After pg 7
After pg 8
After pg 15
After pg 39
After the story

TQ: What can we learn about Miss Nelson by the text and the pictures so far? (Open/ Hots)
SR: Miss Nelson is very nice.
PR: I agree she
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We looked at the clues and figured out how the students and teachers felt. We used clues from the story to figure out where Miss. Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp went off to. We compared and contrasted Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp. We even then did a worksheet over the story. You are all very great detectives and now you can use your detective skills to figure out how all kinds of people feel, in books and in your life.
TQ: Have you ever had a mean teacher? (Open/Lots)
SR: (many different answers)
PR: I have had a mean teacher too
The students will complete the Miss Nelson is missing worksheet. As the students work the teacher will walk around and help and motivate the students.
The third-grade students will be able to describe a character’s motivations and feelings with at least 80% accuracy on a given worksheets
LEARNING STYLES (specific to this lesson)

Visual Learner Visual Learners are assisted by seeing the book as the teacher reads, seeing the vin-diagram, and seeing the worksheet.
Auditory Learner Auditory Learners are assisted by hearing the book read and the class discussion as the teacher reads the book and the class works on the

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