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H&C-3-730 Rooms Division Management

Topic 1

Management Functions in Rooms Division

Learning Objectives
Explain the major role of rooms division in a hotel.
Identify the roles and responsibilities of rooms division manager.
Describe the management process in terms of the seven functions of rooms division managers perform to achieve organizational objectives.

Reference text:
Kasavana ML, Brooks RM, Managing Front Office Operations, 8th edition, American Hotel & Lodging
Educational Institute, 2009, chapter 2 and 12.
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Management Functions in Rooms Division
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onment regulations
Sales development
Prepares the marketing and commercial action plan for the hotel
Optimises the hotel's occupancy rates and develops associated services
Ensures that all sales made comply with the sales policy as defined by the hotel and the brand, if the hotel is operating under a hotel chain

Topic 1
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Management Functions in Rooms Division

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H&C-3-730 Rooms Division Management

Keeps track of the standard of services delivered, based on guest comments and quality audits
Keeps close track of what the market and competitors are doing
Is actively involved in the local area to keep up-to-date with the needs
Management and Administration (as a department administrator)
Draws up the annual budget for the department and follows up implementation
Implements the rooms pricing policy in an effort to optimise it
Motivates and drives the team to attain the department's quantative targets
Manages headcount to ensure it matches the level of activity in line with the predefined budget
Carries out occasional checks on cash operations, activity reports etc
Checks and analyses the statistical charts prepared by the Heads of Department
Takes part in "Debtor" meetings and runs thorough checks on files in litigation
Analyses financial results and takes corrective measures as necessary throughout the year
Decides on the department's investments in conjunction with the General

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