Rome 's Influence On Rome Essay

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1. Rome was founded by the Etruscans, but the Greeks passed on influence on Rome with cultivating the olive and the vine. Also passing on their alphabetic system of writing, providing models for their sculptures, architecture, and literature. The Greeks had a large influence on the Italian Peninsula. But the development of Rome came from the Etruscans, these people controlled Rome and transformed villages into towns and cities.
2. The Etruscans were the founders of Rome, they brought urbanization to northern Italy and controlled Rome. Rome emerged as a city because of these people, and constructed temples, markets, shops, streets, and houses. They adopted the outfit of a toga and short cloak to the Romans, The Etruscans gave the Romans many developments for their civilization.
3. The patrician class consisted of families from descended senators whom were appointed during the period of the kings. They were wealthy, and followed an aristocratic government. On the otherhand there was the Plebeians who consisted of a larger group of independent, poor men. They were not large landowners, and less wealthy. Their jobs mainly consisted of small farmers, merchants, and artisans. Both parties could vote, but only the Patricians could be elected to office. The Plebeians withdrew from the state and couldn’t defend Rome, officials were given to them to protect them against arrest bt the patrician magistrates. There later became a council of the plebs becoming responsible of them. They…

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