Roman And Roman Tribunes

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A tribune originates from the Latin word tribunus which is a military or civil official from Rome ( Roman tribunes have three main groups their separated into. A tribune who is assistant to a legion commander, a tribunus cohortis which would be a commander of a cohort military unit, and a tribunus cohortis urbane which is a urban cohort commander (www.tribunes and

Tribunes were chosen by the people most of the time and the people chose the noble men to be tribunes. The people of Rome also chose because that was the person protecting them. I don 't know about you but if it was me I would want a say in who protects me too.

Military tribunes were the most important tribune in a legion most of the time they
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And since then have changed. The tribunes were also considered to be chairmen of the people of the assembly and had to assist poor plebeians. In the fourth and third centuries, when the conflict between the patricians and plebeians was over new functions were added for example the tribunes could arrest a magistrate if he sees he is doing something wrong.. Their houses had to remain open for visitors even during the night and they were not allowed to be more than a day 's journey from Rome.(

A Roman tribune most of the time were considered noble men to the people of Rome. A Roman tribune most of the time would be close to the ruler because they come from around the same class or group in Roman society. When the emperor Augustus took over and Rome came more of a republic he made the group of Roman tribunes grow. And made many changes to what the Roman tribunes use to do and what it used to be like.

When Rome became a republic a lot was changed with the laws which made a lot of the tribunes not very satisfied about what was going on. Which I 'm pretty sure caused quite a bit of loss in their numbers. Which is probably why that made some people from the senate class be Roman tribunes. Which caused a few wars that made the military tribunes have to step up and do good at being
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The main Roman tribune that is talked about in Julius Caesar is casca. Casca is normally around Julius Caesar and can sort of considered to be pretty close to him. Flavius and murellus are also roman tribunes and at the beginning of the play the weren 't to happy about Caesar 's victory. That started taking off the decorations on the statue and telling the people celebrating to go home this is nothing to celebrate this is

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