Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry By Mildred Taylor Essay

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In the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor, the book is about a black family named the Logans. The logans believe that whites and blacks or the same and they should be treated the same because there both humans. The family also does not believe in violence when violence is all around the area they live in. The Logan 's family consists of Papa, Ma, Big ma, Cassie, Little Man, Christopher John, and Stacy. All the family members get that blacks get treated bad and whites will be mean to them but cassie doesn 't understand that she is innocent Innocence is when a person thinks they do anything wrong or when they don 't do anything wrong. and these are the reasons why.why that cassie is innocence

First of all, At page 105 when Cassie goes to the market for the first time she says “Well, what the devil we doing back here then! Can’t nobody see us.” You watch your mouth, girl,” warned Big Ma. She doesn 't understand her innocence in this scene because she doesn 't understand that no one cares about the blacks and people only care about the whites. Since this people who are black are forced to sit in the back and sell there items to mostly no one the whites get to make money and that 's why they are wealthy. Cassie also, doesn 't understand that whites don 't like little kids who are black. Cassie is upset that the world is like this and she thinks like blacks and whites get treated the same and she is starting to realize this is not true so she is startled.…

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