Roles And Roles Of A Role Play Essay

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To begin with, role playing consist of performing a specific role and it help individuals see if they would react appropriately in a real life situation. There are many different ways you can prepare for a role play but planning ahead is a huge part of role play. I made sure me and my partner came up with a specific group to focus on and was sure to know the purpose behind the group. I also prepared for the role play by making sure I stayed calm, professional, and made sure I would be able to engage with each member in the group we were planning and facilitating.
When planning and facilitating a group, as social workers there are severer different skills and techniques that you could use. The social work skills I used throughout the group meeting was active listening, communication, organization, and empathy. I listened to every member of the group and I also reflected on what they stated, so they could know I am listening and understand them. I used effective listening because it helps create respect and trust, so the members of the group could feel comfortable communicating with me. I used communication for a skill because it helps give a better and clear understanding on information, services, and different resources. Organization was also a skill that was used through the group planning and role play because it helps prioritize accordingly. Lastly, I used empathy when planning and throughout the role play because it helps me understand the members emotionally, which…

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