Role of Social Media in Building Fashion Brand in Thailand Essay

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Role of Social Media in Building Fashion Brand in Thailand



Role of Social Media in Building Fashion Brand in Thailand
Social Media Social media are tools that permit the creation, sharing, or the exchange of information, career interests, concepts, and multimedia images and videos in online networking and communication sites. Social media is reliant on mobile and web-based technologies that create an interactive social platform that enables individuals, groups and organizations to share, converse and revise on the different contents available by the users. Social media appear in different forums such as blogging, business networking, social networking and video sharing. Social
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Social Media in Thailand Thailand closely trails the global social media platform trends, with Facebook, Google+ and Instagram among the most popular social networks. Other regional messaging networks, like WeChat and Line, also have a certain rise in popularity among the social media users. Most of the social media users in the region spend more than 4 hours in the sites. Due to the Thai large rural population of 66%, Internet penetration in Thailand is still low at only 26%. Surprisingly, the remarkable 125% mobile usage rate, with half of the mobile users using social media apps, compensates the limited internet access (Hendricks, 2014, 1). Even though Thais mainly use desktops or laptops for internet access, as internet usage continues to rise, aiming mobile users will be a main factor to tapping the Thai market. Facebook is the biggest social network in Thailand, with 26% of the population using it. Nevertheless, location based services are strongly adopted by the social media users in aim of keeping up with social media trends. With over 36% downloads of location based social media apps by Thai mobile users, explains the current rise in Instagram’s popularity in Thailand. If this trend continues through the following years, experts expect that apps like Instagram shall outdo Facebook in popularity and usage in Thailand. Instagram’s growth rate is interesting in the country’s watch. The past years, the network experienced growth rates of 168% with

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