Role Of Nursing In The Nursing Process

3.1 NURSE’S ROLE IN NURSING PROCESS This concept was taken from module 3 “Health assessment in Nursing process”, sub-topic 3 “Roles of Nurses in nursing process”. Nursing process can be defined as a method which nurses use in providing adequate care to their patients. It is a goal oriented care. It can also be defined as an orderly and systematic way of caring for patients. The nursing process involves series of process to give client adequate care: This process includes:
- Nursing assessment: - In this process the nurse tries to find out the needs of the patient, family or community. The nurse at this stage gathers all information she can get from the client, relatives and community both subjective and objective data.
- Diagnosis: -
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In carrying out the nursing process, the nurse has series of roles to play so that the patient will be adequately cared for. These roles include:
1. COODINATOR: In ensuring that the nursing process is properly carried out the nurse make ensure that the treatment of the patient is properly coordinated. She makes sure that she coordinates the patient’s care plan. She makes sure that the care of the patient is supervised and ensures that the care rendered is up to standard. She also establishes the patient’s care plan and revises them from time to time. She also supervises her colleagues to ensure that patient care is properly carried out. She ensures that client care is documented
2. Communicator: The nurse acts as a communicator. She communicates with the patient but before she does that she tries to create rapport with the patient to enable free flow of communication. She communicates with the doctors, patients and their loved ones about the patient’s care. In a situation where patient’s condition changes, she informs other nurses and the doctor in charge of patient’s
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Advocate: She should be one who will always protect the client when need be in exercising rights and to encourage client to speak up for what they belief.
11. Research: She collects data which could be used in researches to bring about change in the nursing profession. These researches are also used to improve the care of patients.
3.2 PERSONAL CONTEXT Personally as a nurse in carrying out nursing care in the hospital and even at home with family and in-laws I find myself performing different roles. Last week my husband and I travelled to the village for a burial ceremony of my in-laws I had to check blood pressure and fasting blood glucose level of most of my in-laws, after which I started teaching them about the causes of diabetes and hypertension and the need to stay healthy. One of them who was diabetic and had stopped taking her drugs due to misconceptions was also counseled on its importance and she was able to make the decision of recommencing her drugs. I communicated well with them and tried to find out their problems.
In the hospital I try to coordinate the care rendered to patients and ensure that I always create a good rapport with my patient which have enable them tell me things they don’t tell other staff and most

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