How Has Achilles Changed In The Iliad

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The epic Iliad was made by the blind poet Homer in 700 B.C. the story is the oldest in ancient Greek times. It’s known throughout Western literature culture. Also, an epic is concerned with the fate of a nation and a people. But, in the epic The Iliad the hero Achilles has changed throughout the story. Achilles was first fighting for glory the honor of Menelaus, Agamemnon brother, and husband of Helen. Helen was stolen by Paris the Trojan prince, son of Priam. All Greeks made a pact that if one of their wives was stolen they all would intervene. Also, an epic is concerned with the fate of a nation and a people.
Achilles has had no problems with the Trojans they never did anything personal to his country or people. Even though Achilles and the
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He wasn’t fighting for the Greeks he was fighting for avenues and grief. The cause of Achilles death was caused by Patroclus death. Achilles knows that Hector death would lead up to his death. The decision between living a long easy life verse living a short glorified life weighed in after Agamemnon took his prize given to him for his hard work.
Agamemnon knows he was wrong for treating the high priest with disrespect. His disrespect made one of the own warriors question his leadership role as general of his army. Agamemnon was fighting or helping with the wins so why should he receive gifts. Achilles had a point in his argument but he was also wrong for being insubordinate. Agamemnon should have handled the situation between him and Achilles a lot better than that.
From the beginning of the Iliad, Achilles was doing what all of his brothers at arms was doing the fighting and plundering for the honor of Agamemnon. Achilles did it for the glory until Agamemnon made a terrible mistake and Achilles called him out on it. He even tried to get the Greeks gods involved. His action on not fighting almost cost the Greeks the war. But, he only joined back to avenge his cousin and to have the glory he always was fighting

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