Role Of A Human Resources Sergeant Essay examples

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The role of a Human Resources Sergeant is very important in the Profession of

Arms. According to the Army White Paper, the Profession of Arms is a vocation

comprised of experts certified in the ethical application of land combat power, serving

under civilian authority. (The Profession of Arms, 2010) The Army is an American

Profession of Arms. Within the Army there is multiple branches. The Adjutant General

(AG) branch is a branch in which a Human Resource Sergeant would fall under.

The Army Writer lists the duties of a Human Resource Sergeant include, but are

not limited to, providing administrative support to staff, maintain soldier’s personnel

records, medical records, and process Non Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report

(NCOER) and Officer Evaluation Report (OER). (42A Human Resources Specialist Duty

Descriptions, n.d.) In doing these duties a Human Resource Sergeant upholds all of the

key attributes of the Profession of Arms. The key attributes of the Profession of Arms

are Expertise, Trust, Development, Values and Service.

Expertise as defined in the Army White Paper, is the art and science of ethically

applying coercive or lethal land combat power to establish a more just peace, thus

upholding and defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

(The Profession of Arms, 2010) A Human Resource Sergeant uses his expert

knowledge when dealing with a soldiers issues. For instance a soldier comes into his…

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