Role Of A Family Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Role Preparation Paper
R. Michael March
Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Role Preparation Paper
A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is a health professional that specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of patients with a wide age range, from children to the elderly. They are licensed registered nurses with advance academic and clinical training affording them an increased skill set. Nurse practitioners provide both medical and nursing care under their own licenses. As healthcare providers, the NP can write medical orders, prescribe medications, and direct medical interventions for patients. State laws and the State’s Board of Nursing govern the scope of a Nurse Practitioner’s practice and either allow a practitioner to function independently, or require a form of collaboration with physicians. Regardless of the model under which the FNP practices, all Nurse Practitioners are highly trained and skilled professionals committed to improved health, lifelong learning, cost effectiveness, and evidence based research. Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner is a journey I began 24 months ago. Now as I approach the end of this program, I perform this self-appraisal of what I have gained over these two years. Additionally, I look forward with an oath of perpetual self-improvement, growth, and a quest for knowledge. This is the preparation I have taken to assume the role of Family Nurse Practitioner.
General Assessment
Crucial to the abilities of a Family…

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