Roid Rage

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The mental illnesses that cause home problems with steroids lead to many accidents and even death.Another hypothesis says that roid rage is just a placebo effect and it is only playing out in the individual’s mind. A lot of negative things are being said about anabolic steroids and events like the Chris Benoit and Oscar Pistorius case have reinforced the supposedly negative effects of anabolic use. A professional wrestler, Chris Benoit, was a steroid abuser. Benoit, his wife, Nancy, and their son, Daniel, were found dead in their home in Fayetteville, Ga., near Atlanta in late June. The deaths are suspected to be a murder-suicide that began when Benoit allegedly killed his wife and son and ended when Benoit hanged himself. When the Benoit family deaths were first discovered, many people speculated about whether Benoit had been taking anabolic steroids and whether he might have experienced "roid rage" triggered by steroids. It triggered a part in his brain where he was in crazy thought and felt a lot of rage (Hirby 2). There are other problems that steroids can cause at the household. Along with roid rage and crazy thoughts, many people on steroids are prone to divorce because of their aggressive behavior. Mental issues with steroids will also alter one’s social life negatively.
The use of performance enhancing drugs has major negative effects on families and society. Anabolic steroids
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Performance enhancing drugs stimulates your body and mind to give you better drive and a more aggressive style of work. They give you a huge high that can make you feel somewhat painless. As Bradley Sinko said in his paper, “They can make you light headed and can cause you to pass out. Doing these in a work pace, especially a factory setting can be very fatal.” What Bradley means by this is, you can get very hurt when you do these in a place such as a factory. With all the danger of the heavy machinery, you can easily be

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