Richard Rodriguez Influence On Education

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Some people believed that a cultural bond is the essential root to their happiness. The time spent with family carried lessons for them to fundamentally grow. Sometimes family experiences presented educational lessons that different perspectives. However, the way people valued their family`s role in education could determine the quality of how they wished to learn. Richard Rodriguez`s priority of education separated him from the cultural ties he had with his family, which negatively impacted his perspective of education throughout his academic life. It pleased him to be a mimic of education of his teachers until he read Richard Hoggart`s book, The Uses of Literacy, which defined him as a “scholarship boy.”
Richard Rodriguez thought being a “scholarship boy” was good until he was in college where his previous compulsion to memorize and regurgitate what his teachers said prevented him from excelling in school. When his professors asked him to provide new
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When I was in high school I was always in the “smart” class. I often competed against the smarter students to get great grades. Baaba-Abaka Yantson, a fellow classmate of mine, was the quintessence of the banking concept. She would always get 100s and high 90s on her test, and would know more than any of the other students. Even though she was overly concerned about her studies, she never forgot where she came from. One day, the school asked if the students wanted to participate in international day. They could showcase their culture and ethnic background on the stage by dancing, and wearing traditional garments of their country. When the directors of the showcase asked for participants Baaba gladly volunteered to display her Ghanian Culture. Baaba might`ve been smart, but she always maintained her sensitivity and humanism amongst her friends and

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