Robotics: The Meaning Of Robots

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Robotics The meaning of robotics is simply a type of science that uses or creates machines to do the job for humans and make it easier. The word robot comes from the main word roboto in the Czechoslovakian language the word roboto means to do a job over and over again (Beyer, 5). Scientists say that by the year 2050 robots will be as smart as humans and act like them in certain ways (Beyer, 12). Robots are getting smarter everyday and also improving each day getting better. They are important because they have become an everyday use for human beings. They are different types of robots used for different types of work or jobs. Robotic machines have certain movements they do to operate and so they can function very well. They have been using …show more content…
Modifications are being done with Spot, like making it even faster than it already is and also modifications are being done with the sensors it has to navigate around (Palermo, para 2). With all of this advancing technology and all of the advance robotics who knows who will be bringing in the mail next time it might be a robot dog delivering the mail. Robotics have gone through a lot of history of repairing, thinking and , a lot of imagination to be how they are now and also how they are functioned and also how they do all the movements and how all of their memory is stored . All of this had to be thought of and done so there could be how they are today and how good they are to make life easier and helpful for the people all around the world. Robotics or robots how they are best known are not all the same. Robotics have a moving electronic body also with a type of electronic nerve system to operate the machine (TEE. , para 2). Some have different types of programs. It is mostly …show more content…
With the technology advancing the robotic industry has been advancing too making huge progress in every field. In the medical field for instance there have been making mechanical body parts for the people that have lost body parts and they will also put artificial skin to cover the prosthetic body part that is being used, this is a huge step in robotics (Beyer, 7). Robots are not only being used for that but also for dangerous jobs like bomb searching (Beyer, 6). They are also used to clean not just for jobs out of home (Beyer, 6). It’s becoming a concern for certain people since they are losing their jobs since more robots are being put in factories because it makes more products and faster. People could worry but there is going to be more jobs open since the machines will break down at some point and will need repair so it’s all about time. Everyone would like to see robots acting like humans but is it really worth the thought that maybe one day a human’s boss is going to be a rusty metal and is going to tell us what to do and

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