Robert Frost 's `` The Road Not Taken `` Essay

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In Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”, the writer takes the reader on a journey of two paths he observed, his decision making process, and his reflection on how he felt about that decision. Throughout the poem, Frost gives descriptive words to help the reader visualize the subject of his writing. Frost keeps the wording fairly simple, which conveys his message easily to most any reader, without prolonged interpretation of his language. The poem has themes of decision making, adventure, nature, and reflection. Frost immediately starts the reader off with the understanding that there will be a choice to make as he observes “two roads diverged in a yellow wood”. The fact that the roads are “diverging” tells the reader that the paths are going away from each other, and a decision will most likely have to be made. Frost makes this clear in the first stanza as he describes viewing them both, knowing he is only one man, and cannot travel but one. This is a central theme to life itself. Life is about the choices made and how they impact our lives over time. Seemingly small choices can make a big impact later in our lives. The theme of adventure is present in that there is the element of the unknown with both the paths. Frost describes looking down one as far as he could see, yet he chooses the other one because he describes it as “grassy and wanting wear”. It’s almost as though he’s convincing himself there was an adventure to be had there. As children, we are…

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