Robert Frost The Road Not Taken Response Essay

Which one should I choose? People always ask this question when they are making a decision. And there are infinite choices on the list in our life, such as should turn left or right when people drive, which college I should go to, choose a career field, or elect a President. Normally, people are likely to choose one that most common, which means the choice that the majority would like to choose. However, “The Road Not Taken” is a popular poem, which is written by Robert Frost who is an influential American writer during the twentieth century. The name of the poem is quoted universally even though some people do not know what the context of the poem is. For instance, “‘The Road Not Taken’ has been used in advertisements for Mentos, Nicorette, the multibillion-dollar insurance company AIG, and the job-search Web site, which deployed the poem during Super Bowl XXXIV to great success” (Orr). The point of view of Frost 's poem is telling us that, sometimes, could choose the one that not too many people has chosen. Also, in rhetorical, Frost prefers to use word of choice, symbolic, and metaphor in his poem …show more content…
He hesitates and wonders for a long time and questions himself—which path should I take? In reality, this is a symbolic poetry of meditation. It involves important decisions that were taken in the course when people have to abandon one desirable thing to deal with another. “If each reader were the traveler. His decision might have been arbitrary; it might have been meaningful” (Plunkett). After many years of ups and downs, the outlook of people’s life has changed quite different. However, the smart author has a magic power that can drive readers to create and think out their own views, insights, and life philosophies after reading this poem every time, which is the most precious value of Robert Frost’s

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