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All throughout Robby’s life he has most enjoyed Physical Education (PE) out of all the classes on his school agenda. At the beginning of his seventh grade year, however, the entire student body was informed that there would be a change as to how gym class would be graded. Rather than using the traditional grading scale, the faculty had decided to turn PE into a pass or fail class. This also meant that the class would not affect students’ Grade Point Averages (GPA); which is a huge factor for students, starting in junior high, as Robby is doing. This bothered him because he was able to think of all sorts of disadvantages this new system would cause for students. Robby made a decision to start a protest campaign to try to bring back the old …show more content…
One of which being that since there is no actual schoolwork, the teacher should just be able to decide whether enough effort was brought forward by the student to pass. If the teacher feels otherwise, he can just simply fail the student. This change may also cause students to cogitate whether or not they have done enough in the class to pass. This could lead to the students giving more effort to guarantee them a pass, which contributes to more kids passing the class. Students would also have a few days to take the class off if they needed to in order to work on other schoolwork. Since passing the class is somewhat easier it is reasonable for kids to be able to miss a few days and not be affected too much. It also creates the opportunity for kids to get their overall grades up and not just one class. While these points of view are vital to the entire issue, there is also the other side of the whole thing. There is not an argument unless there are two sides of the problem. This is why it is good that people have their own personal opinions about things or else there would be nothing to …show more content…
There are many reasons as to why PE should be changed into a pass/fail class as well as ample reasons against it. As for why it is a bad idea, it creates more reasons for students to not come to PE class or not try when they are in the class. This change would also bring up adversity because PE would be the only class employing such a change. Why should PE be the one class that is a pass/fail class? Granted, there are good arguments towards how the change could bring up positives to the school and students grades. There is not enough information to override the negatives of the transition of PE into a pass/fail class. Overall the standard grading scale for PE is better because life is made better and easier if we just stick to how we have always got things done. Why change something that is working so

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