Road Trip

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I have been on many road trips, adventures, and expeditions in my 15 years on this Earth. However, only a select few of those I will remember for the rest of my life. One of these trips occurred earlier this summer when I went kayaking about 5 miles up a river. Up at my camp in Grand Lake Stream, Maine, there is a conservation organization called the Downeast Lakes Land Trust. They sponsor various outdoor outings every month, including one in july called the “Moonlight Paddle.” Last year I decided I would try this out with friends, and it was an excellent paddle, but it was more of a fun time. This year, I had no friends to go with, so I went by myself. As I showed up at the river with my kayak, I realized it would be a small crowd. Once I helped load other canoes and kayaks into the slow current of the river, I started paddling. In attendance was Colin Brown from the Land Trust, an immigrant family that had recently moved in town, and the parents of some friends of mine. This group of people is an exceptionally great group of people. We left at 7:30pm and slowly started making our way towards an inlet about 5 miles up stream. The balance of people there was great, everyone was experienced in paddling, and other …show more content…
The founding of this country was a road trip, when many people crossed the ocean to find a new land, they arrived and it instantly became a tale known by all generations. There is always another road trip or journey taking place in America, possibly because of the range in temperatures and environments across the country, or possibly the breathtaking views nationwide. It almost seems necessary to take kids on these journeys so they can see these sights of America, and find out what lies beyond their town borders. To sum it all up, road trips, journeys, expeditions, and explorations are all just words to describe adventure and having fun with family and

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