Essay on Ritz Carlton, How Their Management Objectives and Goals

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There are several companies that rely strictly on service and consistent quality to maintain their brand image. The hotel industry is a great example of a business model where their customers expect the same consistent service no matter what country they stay in.
Do some research on the Ritz Carlton, owned by Marriott, and explain how their management’s objectives and goals allow the hotel properties to achieve superior service no matter what the workforce or culture of a country in which they operate their hotels.
Use reference material from course readings and outside sources when needed to strengthen your argument.

The Ritz Carlton’s management objectives and goals is at the heart of why they are known for providing superior
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The 20 Basics also address the need for detailed, uncompromising attention to cleanliness and the importance of personal appearance. It also addresses the standards for complaint management, communications style, etiquette, and ownership of corporate assets. However, through the input from the Ladies and Gentlemen from the Ritz Carlton in an effort to refine the 20 Basics they created 12 values that encourage “ways of being” instead of “ways of doing.” This approach allowed the employees to focus on the customer’s desired outcome.
The Ritz Carlton’s leadership continue to refine their hotel design and services to broadly address the needs of both types of consumer, traditional and new segment. They do this by constant feedback from customers, their sales force, their employees observations, and word of mouth.
The success in the Ritz Carlton starts with their approach to selecting the right persons for the right positions that meet the same views as the Ritz’s in selfless service to fellow Ladies and Gentlemen of the company. The Ritz goes through an extensive selection process before hiring an individual to work for the company. The employees who are hired see it as more of a motivating fact that this company takes the time to know a

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