Essay about Risk Assessment and Pressure Area Care

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Describe the anatomy and physiology of the skin in relation to skin breakdown and the development of pressure sores?
The skin protects the body and controls the temperature, the tough outer layer is called the epidermis and is germ proof and water proof and the inner layer the dermis is full of nerve endings, which sends messages to the brain about heat, cold and pain. Pressure sores develop because of long standing pressure onto a particular area of the body causing breakdown of the layer of the skin due to diminished blood supply.

Where the pressure sites?
- Inner knees
-Sacrum area and buttocks
-Bony areas on your spine
-Any bony prominences

What might put an individual at risk
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Describe actions to take where any concerns with the agreed care plan are noted?
You would discuss this with the team leaders/seniors, suggest anything that you think would be appropriate for the individuals care.

Identify the pressure area risk assessment tool which are used in own work area?
Waterlow score – this will indicate whether

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