Rise Of Islam Terrorism Essay

The Islamic State is a large, violent, and Islamic organization that has recently emerged as the new face of terror following the Syrian revolution and the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Their main goal is to establish a global caliphate and unite the Ummah. In July 2014 the Islamic State started its own propaganda magazine called Dabiq. In the first issue there is a feature article entitled “From Hijrah to Khilafah”. This article accounts the history, methods, and motives behind the Islamic State. Despite that rise of the Islamic State followed the publication by Beverly Milton-Edwards’ book Islamic Fundamentalism Since 1945, the origins of the group are deeply affected by factors expounded upon in the book. Based on the article, IS is a result of oppressive secular governments, destabilized central authorities, and the desire to replace the current system with one based exclusively on the tenants of Islam, all things discussed by Milton-Edwards.
According to Milton-Edwards the actions of secular leaders in the 20th century contribute significantly to formation of terror groups. This is true, as to the members of IS, the Middle Eastern states of the 20th represent years of Muslim repression and the bastardization of Islam, and act as a call to arms. In the article they call the dictators of these groups tawaghit, which means one who has crossed the limits or rebels. It signifies people
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This is because IS was just a recent evolution of radical terrorism in the Middle East and the factors that led to the founding of IS are not unique and thus most commentary that applied to Al-Qaeda or the Afghan Mujahidin easily fits the IS dialogue. The lack of stable government to ensure Justice, past violations on the part of secularists, bleak economic prospects, the desire to establish religious law and others are elaborated on heavily within Beverly

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