Definition Of Fatwa In Makistan

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In religious context, the word fatwa carries more meaning, because when a Muslim has a question that has to be answered from an Islamic point of view they ask an Islamic scholar known as a Mufti. These Muftis have a deep understanding or fiqh of Islamic Law sources, and the observance of morals, rituals and social legislation which plays a major role in them issuing a fatwa. The Mufti also uses usul al-fiqh, a body of principles and investigative methodologies that are developed from the foundational sources. In addition to the basic sources, presumptions and principles such as preference, unregulated interest and presumption of continuity aid the Mufti in deriving interpretive rules. Hence, when a fatwa is given by a Mufti it is believed …show more content…
In some instances, these words are used separately apart from each other which causes many not of the Muslim faith to believe these words mean something else. For example, Jihad does not mean "Holy war". Jihad is an internal struggle which someone is exerting effort to better themselves, and is not a declaration of war against other religions or non-Muslims. Unfortunately, due to extremism many have come to associate Jihad, or define it as a holy war of Muslims against non-Muslims or non-believers. Additionally, even though maqasid can be used in reference to the Islamic faith, it can also be used in regards to Shari’a Law. In terms of Shari’a Law, maqasid refers to the preservation of five foundational goals which are faith, life, lineage, intellect and property. The purpose of these goals is to help and guide Muslims to achieve happiness while neglecting negative or bad actions. Shari’a Law also refers to these goals as the main rights of all …show more content…
The term political Islam or Islamism has been adopted by many scholars in order to identify the irruption of the Islamic religion into politics. This movement often characterized by moral conservatism, literalism, and the attempt to implement Islamic values in all spheres of life focuses on aligning government and society in accordance with Shari’a Law. Political Islam can be categorized into two different groups one as being the Islamization of society through state power seized by uprising; or Islamists working to Islamize society gradually from the bottom up. Groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, and Al Qaeda tend to base their appeal on their Islamic credentials exemplify the notion of politics relation with religion. Without a doubt, we can convincingly say political Islam has altered the Middle East in many ways more than since the current states gained their independence. This is mainly due to the Arab Spring which occurred in several Middle Eastern and African countries, civil unrest, and attempted coup in countries like

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