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Comm 401
Research In Motion: Case Analysis

Comm 401
Research In Motion: Case Analysis

Table of Contents
External Analysis1-3
Porter Analysis1-2
Pestel Analysis3
Internal Analysis3-6
Resource Analysis4
VRIN Analysis4-5
Capabilities Analysis5-6
Works Cited7-8
Appendix 19


Research In Motion (RIM) is a Canadian multinational telecommunications company that designs, manufactures and sells cellular phones and other communication devices. RIM’s success started in August 1998 when they launched the inter@active pager 950. In 2003 RIM became one of the most recognized brand names with the introduction of their most popular device the BlackBerry. In June 2011, RIM announced that
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Lastly, access to distribution channels would be difficult. In most countries, cell phones are sold through cell phone providers such as Telus and Rogers. New entrants would have to be able to create partnerships with these companies which would be difficult.
The only threat of entrants that seems possible would be if an already well known electronics company wanted to enter into the smart phone industry. For example, if Dell wanted to start a line of smart phones. * Threat of Substitutes- Low to moderate
RIM specializes in smart phones which provide consumers with a variety of different features. Anything else that can fulfill the consumer’s needs would be considered a substitute. For example, a laptop equipped with Skype can fulfill almost all the needs of the consumer. However, laptops/computers are more expensive and not as convenient. Additional examples of substitutes are the map and GPS systems that come with a smart phone. A consumer could simply purchase those two separately but it would be a lot more expensive and bulky to have in their vehicle. Also, there are no substitutes to having a phone with you at all times. The most significant reason for the threat of substitutes to be low is the consumer’s propensity to substitute. It is more convenient to have everything all-in-one and with you at all times. * Threat of Rivalry- High
Competition is the key factor in explaining RIM’s initial success and current struggles. Their

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