Essay on Richard Ruiz 's Orientations Of Language Planning

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Found in the workings of Richard Ruiz’s “Orientations of language planning, specific focus is placed on the shortcomings and strengths of language as a problem, right and resources in approaches to language planning” (Ruiz, 1984, p.15). Ruiz states that although there may be problems with a resource orientated approach to language, it could help to reshape attitudes about language and various language groups (1984). In essence, the placement of language as a resource can assist in the resolutions of the other two proposed orientations in viewing language as it can often directly impact the enhancement of language status among subordinate languages; serving as a more consistent way of viewing the role of non-English languages, easing the tensions between majority and minority communities whilst highlighting the importance of cooperative planning of language learning (Ruiz, 1984, p.15). Agreeably, Thomas Ricento (2005, p. 349) highlights the view that language still awaits a fuller development of the ‘language as a resource approach’ yet there is a need to demonstrate a move beyond academic theorizing and effects on societal attitudes towards non-English languages whereby teachers need to work as both practitioners and theory builders. However, in looking at language from an education perspective, fundamental aspects of language understanding and acquisition become quite apparent in the attitudes presented by teachers when making use of language as a resource within the…

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