The Importance Of A Global Language

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David Crystal begins with “Why a global language?” by asking what it means for a language to have a global status, what merits and demerits makes a global language, and “Why we need a global language?” David Crystal propose that “a language become a global language because of the political and military power of its people” when people use a language as an official language in purposes of communication, international marketing and advertising, in the law court, in media and in educational system which shows the dominance of a language. An official language may be the “Sole official language” which shares official status with other languages, or it may have a “Semi-official” status only in certain domains.
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English endorse the cause of international communication, and this type of communication can only be recognized on the basis of mutual establishment and understanding of a language as well as culture. Therefore, all cultures should be immersed into an international common linguistic frame. But the position held by some native speakers would block this immersion because it helps only one side of the two communicative participants, which results in loss of international status of English. Widdowson argues that if reasons for persisting on Standard English are, because it pledges effective communication, then the emphasis should be logically on vocabulary rather than on grammar. Grammar can be a way to express one’s social identity. He states Standard English is a variety, a kind of dialect, that it is defined by its lexis and grammar. Standard Lexis is hard to find and actually not exist. The fact is that English is an international language can only be proved a diversity of vocabulary to serve a large range of institutional uses. The languages of every variety have dual characters: one to provide the means of communication, the other to express the sense of community, representing the stability of its culture. Standard English is basically a written variety and mainly designed for institutional purposes. Widdowson states, English is an international language which serves the communicative and communal needs of different communities, and no nation have custody over it. It must be diverse and

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