Essay about Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama 's Eulogy

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A Rhetorical Analysis: Compare and Contrast the Rhetorical Appeals and
Techniques used in Obama’s Eulogy and Usher’s song “Chains”
President Barack Obama, in his eulogy for Reverend Pinckney delivers an emotional speech that left many in tears and inspired, inspired to make change. Obama’s speech was intended towards all citizens of the United States, especially the victimized families and people of South Carolina. During his eulogy, Obama praises the great man that Reverend Pinckney was and also elaborates on the issues that need to be acknowledged in America today, particularly racial bias and injustices (President Obama Delivers Eulogy 2015). President Obama assumes an expressive yet assertive tone towards the beginning of the speech in order to show his compassion and appeal to the similar feelings his audience was experiencing. Similarly, famous pop icon and R&B artist, Usher, in his new song “Chains” - a metaphoric melody- sings about the oppression of black lives in modern America and how the terms “liberty” and “justice” don’t stand relevant towards them. Usher’s motive is not just to sell records or promote his new single, rather to bring awareness to these issue the black community faces today. All throughout the song, Usher’s tone is aggressive and mournful. He seems fed-up with the prejudices against his black brothers and sisters and as a popular black artist himself, he hopes to appeal to every single one of his fans, the black community and those in…

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