Rhetorical Analysis Of Mark Edmundson 's ' Who Is You And What Are You Doing Here ``

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In “Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here”, it is clear that the author, Mark Edmundson, target audience is incoming freshmen about to start college. Edmundson conveys to his readers that when college freshmen enter college they are going to have to fight and strive to be strong and even struggle sometimes to get a real American education. Edmundson supports this idea by explaining what new college students thinks college will be like and what college means for most people, describing life inside and outside of college, and pointing out what is wrong with education nowadays. Edmundson starts his article by congratulating the incoming class and addresses that getting to your first day of college is a major achievement. Edmundson also address the fact that these new college students think that they got it made and if they keep on doing what they done before they will emerge four years later educated and ready for the next part of their life. But this is where they are wrong according to Edmundson. He writes that if you want to get a real college education they are going to have to fight against the university they are going to college at. To achieve this education Edmundson writes “you’ll need to struggle and strive, to be strong, and occasionally even to piss of some admirable people” (60). What a college education means for almost everyone is a way to an end. Most likely that end is a great job and credentials that will give them the key to unlock the gate for places like…

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