Rhetorical Analysis Of `` For Those I Love, I Will Sacrifice Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis
In the story “For Those I Love, I Will Sacrifice” shows many rhetorical devices. When a person goes through a training camp, they will experience many different hardships. These hardships will be expressed throughout the story using many different rhetorical devices. These experiences will be shown through the appeal of ethos, pathos, and logos.
The appeal of ethos is barely shown throughout “For Those I Love, I will Sacrifice.” Ethos is the credibility in which the author can persuade the reader that what they are reading is true. In “For Those I Love, I Will Sacrifice” shows ethos when he leaves for basic training camp. His mom is there to tell him that it was like” saying goodbye to [him] on [his] first day of kindergarten” (Rivera 16). This helps me know that his mom will miss him very much. If Rivera did not talk about his mom, then I would not have felt the same way if it was a different person such as a teacher. His mom is a credible source because it is not in the author’s perspective in saying goodbye. Another example of ethos in this story is when he “finally got [his] uniform” (Rivera 16). This helped me understand that the uniform actually meant something. Uniforms are sometimes worn with pride and others not so much. When someone understands what the uniform stands for, then you can choose to take pride in it or not. The author seemed quite excited because it shows that he was actually a part of the training camp. This shows that he was…

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