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human resources management and development

There are a variety of ways to approach the management of human resources in an organisation. Nevertheless, any approach fits within the continuum between the broad approaches of “hard” and “soft” (J. Riley, 2012). That is, the human resource management approach in an organisation tends to adopt elements of both the “soft” and “hard” approaches. (Armstrong, M., 2009). Whatever the approach taken in an organisation, the human resource management function has to be in line with an organisation’s strategic goals.
Put concisely, the “soft” approach focuses on the needs of employees. That is, their commitment, participation, training, and
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The human resource management approach taken on by an organisation needs to be in line with its goals and objectives. Organisation policies reflect the goals of the organisation. Therefore, the policy system in an organisation is one of the factors that can be evaluated in order to review the human management approach taken in the organisation. Put succinctly; policies directly correlate to the management approach adopted.

Organisation policies concern all aspects of the organisation. For instance, consider attraction and retention policies. These describe the approach to ensuring that an organisation both gets and keeps the talent it needs. Similarly, learning and development policies describe the approach to ensuring that individuals acquire and enhance the skills and competencies they need (Armstrong, M., 2009).

The adopted human resource management approach also affects the policies governing the communication system, pay structure, empowerment and delegation system, and appraisal systems in an organisation (Riley, J., 2012). As such, these elements can be considered in assessing organisation policies.

Staff development opportunities
Staff development opportunities refers to when the skill base of employees is enlarged and the levels of competencies required in the workforce is developed (Armstrong, M., 2009). It involves encouraging discretionary learning which entails individuals

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