Review Of ' The Wonder Of Girls ' Essay

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I’d have to agree with you about how sad it is that young girls feel the need to conform for society even though their family members are trying to teach them to be themselves. I think that social media sites, tabloids and other popular media sites have taught young adolescent girls that if they look, dress, and act a certain way (and even weigh a certain amount) then they will be accepted. So, they spend more of their time trying to conform and less time trying to find their sense of self.
This topic takes me back to the Hindu story that Gurian shared with us in The Wonder of Girls (pg. 66, here is the story just in case you haven’t read it yet). He explained that a young girl who carried the moon on her forehead, was able to keep people happy (if the moon is happy). One night the moon did not come out and the people in her town grew unhappy. A fisherman decided to go look for her and found her in a cave with an older maiden who was to teach her “what a woman truly is” (Gurian 67). He sits outside under a tree until the young girl exits the cave as a woman. This story spoke volumes of adolescent girls and how they grow into young women. One of my favorite statements from the young girl—now a woman—was after she was asked by the fisherman where her beauty came from. Her answer, “from knowledge, now I know who I am,” was beautifully put. If young girls weren’t subjected to so much negativity through peer sites, social media, tabloids and TV, then maybe they would spend…

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