Causes Of Adolescent Women

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For adolescent females, daily pressures are all-consuming. Whether it is education, relationships, or body image, young girls today lead busy lives and juggle countless responsibilities. To add to this frantic mindset, social media is attracting girls’ attention at every corner. Girls living in America are taught that everything is dependent upon how they look rather than their intelligence or internal characteristics. This installation of ideas is causing more than simply eating disorders and mental illnesses. Young women are portrayed as objects in media, highly outnumbered in politics, and struggle in school which shows that the American culture is placing external beauty over happiness, success, and education.
To begin, the causes of body insecurities in adolescents today are numerous, but the main sources are
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For girls that have body image issues and are insecure, stepping into an establishment of judgemental peers is traumatizing. Feeling attacked and uncomfortable, grades may falter and communication may be lost. Even if no one is noticing them, they will feel as if they are being broadcasted for the entire nation to watch. Young girls will not want to go out for a sport and wear the revealing uniforms. Instead, girls will spend money and time trying to look the part, and dress for success because this is what media has taught them is important. Females today are more concerned about gaining weight than other concerns such as loss of parents, nuclear war, or cancer (Armstrong). As student Juliana Lyons said, “I change outfits eight times before I leave. I can’t ever find something that I think I look good in… I’m just really critical of myself, and I think a lot of people struggle with the same thing too” (Wallace). America’s young girls are crying out for help in this battle against their own minds and perceptions, but relief is not coming for many of

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