Review Of Risk Assessment For Welding Essay

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Health and Safety
Unit 1 Assignment 2
Task 1

Written risk assessment for welding:
The hazard is the bright light, users could develop arc eye which is partial blindness to the eyes, not only can the users get this but bystanders could be affected by it too. The workers are supposed to wear the correct PPE, for example a welding mask, and should be surrounded by a shield. The severity of this risk is fairly minor because of the controls in place, but if the user was not to wear the PPE then it could turn out to be a serious injury that could affect the rest of their lives. The chances of that happening are low so the overall risk is a low one. A further control of this could be that workers can’t enter the designated area without the appropriate PPE, this is an appropriate control measure because it would almost completely rule out the possibility of the risk happening. Also it won’t require a lot of planning or negotiating with the workers and can be put in place without a fuss. The person responsible for making this a new requirement is the manager or line manager, and should be put forward as soon as possible.
Another hazard is the hot weld, users could seriously burn themselves and can forever damage their skin. The workers are told to wear the PPE specified for that task and should be wearing it off their own back. The severity of the risk can be major and minor, the major risk would be a serious burn on their skin, and a minor risk would be a spark…

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