Essay on Review Of Policy Options Of The Iom

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Review of Policy Options The IOM was instrumental in bringing awareness to medical errors in the United States but, they also provided recommendations for the path of health care quality improvements. In their report the mapped out a few suggestions such as establishing a national focus on creating leadership, research, tools, and acceptable protocols to improve patient safety and staff knowledge (AHRQ, n.d.). IOM also suggested mandatory and voluntary reporting systems, raising health care standards and expecting premium care from professional groups, as well as other safe practices in health care delievery (AHRQ, n.d.). The IOM is passionate about crearting a national focus to enhance the knowledge base on patient safety. The IOM introduced the idea of creating a center for patient safety, this center based off their recommendation would be funded by Congress and controlled by the The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ). The aim of this center would be to set national goals for patient safety, create a progress tracker, and improve the knowledge base on patient safely and create new research goals. IOM also advocated for a nationwide reporting system, this reporting system would consist of a mandatory reporting system and a voluntary reporting. Mandatory reporting would be control by state governments and collect standardized information on errors that lead to adverse events such as injuries or death. The reporting institution would be the Department of…

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