Review Of ' Onna Bugeisha Personalities ' : Kagome 's Powers And The Presence Of Oni

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Contemporary Troupes Found in Onna-bugeisha Personalities
Onna-bugeisha, especially in the earlier periods, possessed an unwavering spirit and the ability to thrive in leadership positions. To be managers and heads of household, they needed to be level headed when navigating socio-economic nuances of the time. Steadfast dedication to their lord and husband was demanded of samurai women.
Conversely, contemporary archetypes and character troupes are littered through each anime looked at thus far. Even though fictional troupes are not necessarily present in the Japanese populous, they are still a reflection of contemporary Japanese society. In InuYasha for example, Kagome’s powers and the presence of oni is heavily inspired by ancient Shintō and the historical beliefs attributed to her miko status. Nevertheless, Kagome is the run-of-the-mill joshikousei or spunky schoolgirl type found among many young heroine. Kikiyo, on the other hand, fits the kuudere profile of the cold, almost emotionless women that still has the capacity to love, in this case, Inuyasha. Comparatively, Oda Nobuna original hostility towards Yoshiharu wavers and she begins to fall I love with him over the series. This hot-and-cold nature is indicative of another contemporary archetype called tsundere. The –dere archetypes are different varieties of love-struck women
Personal Issues vs. the Bushidō Code
One could write off these personality types as a means of creating likable characters and stress that…

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