Essay about Review Of `` Johnson Miller 's ' Big Daddy ' Johnson '

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Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller is the granddaughter of the former governor of Texas from 1954-1958 and a conservative Republican, Joe “Big Daddy” Johnson. She was born and raised up in West Texas on a ranch. Jane was married and now divorced with two grown children. In 1993, she started her company in Dallas which she later sold to Dell in 2014 for $2.5 million this means that she is an entrepreneur. Bitzi is a wealthy white woman who descends from a political family and legacy. Blitz studied her degree course of Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Texas where she was elected as a student’s leader and also a member of Young Republican’s club. She comes from a religious family. Before beginning her company, she was the Human Resource Manager in one of the leading companies in Dallas. Like her grandfather Bitzi is a conservative Republican. She has the experience of being a good leader as well as a manager. This is proved because she owned a company. Also, she is a confident, passionate, industrious, and hard working person who is able and willing to lead Texas.
Cultural and regional support
In Texas political culture involves people 's shared framework of beliefs, habits of behavior and values related to politics and government. The historic political cultures are individualistic, traditionalistic and moralistic. Being from Dallas, she should probably start there simply because she has business contacts there. Bitzi should look for donors,…

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