Review Of ' High School Miserable ' Essay

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“High School Miserable”
Parody of High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dylan and Daniela are gleefully diving into their senior year at Westward High School. The two have been dating happily for three years and meet on quite unexpected terms. Dylan, the captain of the football team and a dreamy jock, seemly fell in love with Daniela, the nerdy but beautiful thespian. The couple, out of exceedingly low chances of meeting not only do just that but, fall in love. These two completely different teenagers just seem to have everything in common as well. Zach, star football captain and below average student, can thoroughly understand Daniela’s struggles of getting into Julliard. Daniela, president of the drama department, successfully introduces Dylan to doing theatre, and all of his rough football buddies are completely supportive. When Dylan’s football pals first hear of Dylan doing a play, they eagerly fan girl and buy tickets to see him sing under the spotlight. Dylan’s dad, the football coach, remains the most supportive. After 18 years of teaching Dylan everything he knows about his beloved sport of football, his father is the first to stick up for his dreams--even if it means missing a few practices to go to rehearsal. As for Dylan, he is not only a star football player, but he has a perfectly pitched, projected voice and is loved by both friend groups; jocks and thespians. Not only is this inspiring on its own, but this social difference has convinced other groups…

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