Review Of ' Giselle ' A Ballet Production ' Essay examples

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Giselle, a ballet production, has three main characters who are a woman named Giselle, a man she is in love with whose name is Albrecht, and another man who is in love with her whose name is Hilarion. This production is about Giselle who dies of a broken heart due to Albrecht who betrays her. She is brought back to life by the Wilis ', a group of women who dance men to death. The Wilis are targeting Albrecht to summon him to death, but Giselle’s love overpowers their efforts (American Ballet Theatre Giselle). During this production, gender roles are formed. The ballet, Giselle, supports the statements made in Dance, Gender and Culture by Cynthia Novack and Tulle as Tool by Jennifer Fisher by presenting a woman who embodies the presumption of women being frail, delicate, and controlled by men in ballet through different dance motions and the relationship between the woman and man in ballet. A scene that contributes to the gender roles is when Giselle and Albrecht are dancing before the big party at the beginning of the ballet production. The male figure in the dance plays a very large role by being a woman 's support system when she is performing certain movements. Some of the movements executed by the woman cause her to fall back to the male for support. Novack says that women are “fragile creatures supported by powerful men”. This is shown in the ballet by the men supporting Giselle in dance movements such as her being powerfully lifted into the air. This is also seen…

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